When should you see a fertility specialist?

The best way to answer this question is to consider the age of the female partner trying to conceive.

Female age is the biggest predictor of the success from trying to conceive naturally and also from various fertility treatments. This is because women are born with all of their eggs and don’t make any after birth. By the late thirties onwards, the chance of conceiving drops dramatically as a result of older eggs.

Did you know:

That female fertility will still drop dramatically for the majority of women from late 30s onwards, despite very good health?

That a majority of Australians in a national survey significantly overestimated their fertility chances in their 40s?

Therefore, it’s generally felt that if the woman trying to conceive is under 35 years of age, it’s reasonable to see a fertility specialist after 12 months of trying; and above 35, you should come along after 6 months of trying.

Please note that coming to see Mark in those time frames does not necessarily mean he will talk you into IVF straight away! It may be that some simple tests and advice are all that are needed in the short term and that other measures instead of IVF will be recommended.