First steps: your initial consultation

To see Mark, you will need a referral from your GP or other treating specialist.

This will enable you to claim some reimbursement on the consultations and also any treatment that you undertake (this is a Medicare / Health Fund issue). Referrals from another specialist are only active for three months; from a GP they can be 12 months or “indefinite” (ie no expiry time). Your GP will nominate the time frame that they think is appropriate.

Did you know:

That in a good 40% of cases, the male partner has a problem that is causing infertility?

As a result, it’s very important that both partners are present for the initial consultation. Make sure that both partners are listed on the letter of referral.

At the initial consultation, Mark will take a detailed history from you, including reviewing the results of other prior tests that you might have had. There may also be details of prior treatments that you have. It is always useful if you can bring test results and details of prior treatments along; in fact we welcome receiving summaries or scanned documents that have been prepared by you ahead of time and sent to us electronically.

It may be appropriate to have an examination at the consultation as well.

At the conclusion of the consultation, Mark will discuss whether any further tests are required to better determine why you are not conceiving. He will usually need to see you again with the results of those tests and/or discuss specific treatment with you.

Sometimes, enough information has been gained for you and he to jointly decide upon a specific treatment, such as IVF.