The media loves a good news story. In health, it’s usually a “breakthrough”. Every other night on the news, there is a story that announces some new breakthrough in cancer treatment. If only it were that easy – if the news stories were accurate, we would have already eliminated cancer several times over.

In medicine, it’s more usually gradual improvements, tested over time. That’s frustrating for patients, who hear of new research and then call their clinician the next day to have it implemented. Unfortunately, the news report is often a small piece of very early research, or it’s the outcome of a clinical research trial where the technology or drug in question may not be available for some years.

With regard to IVF, I can promise you that at Sydney IVF we are early adopters, so if a new treatment is genuinely shown to be helpful and can be implemented, we have usually already implemented it or have tested it.

Sometimes we have been applying new technologies long before the news announces a “Breakthrough!” Take today’s’ Sydney Sunday Telegraph story, which announces that a new technique of embryo testing is about to be introduced, called CGH. Not only has Sydney IVF been using this technology for over a year, with several successful ongoing pregnancies, the paper’s stable mate, the Sydney Daily Telegraph, announced the introduction of the very same technology by Sydney IVF when it was launched in 2009.