Our mission

Infertility is tough. Getting pregnant and starting a family should be the easiest and most natural thing to do. And yet for many people, fertility doesn’t come easily, despite being healthy, fit, well informed and successful in life.

Mark Bowman understands this. He has spent the majority of his professional life helping people who have trouble conceiving. He has seen thousands of couples with infertility and understands their emotions and what their problem means to them.

He has also seen many developments in the treatment of infertility over the years. Some are genuine developments and some, quite frankly, are hype. What is discussed and popular online is not necessarily proven or useful. What couples are told  and what sounds plausible is not always correct, common or relevant. And the results of investigations are not always what they seem.

Mark will help clarify what the important issues are for your situation and provide pathways for you. Sometimes, following some simple tests, the short term management of infertility is simply to keep trying for a little longer with heightened confidence. Many times, simple measures can be instituted. You won’t be forced into IVF but if that pathway is honestly the best course of action, Mark will take you through this and care for you through that treatment.

Throughout it all, Mark will look after you with warmth, sensitivity,  honesty and at appropriate times, with some humour.

Ultimately, Mark understands that the best management of infertility is the resolution of a common and distressing problem. For better (usually) or for worse, couples need to know that they have done what they could have, judiciously, to achieve their dream of having a baby.

And, you might find out what “Bowman’s law” is…