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Mark & Genea

Mark aligned himself with Genea in 1994 (at that stage Genea was known as Sydney IVF). He had trained at Westmead Hospital and overseas and had worked as a locum in a number of IVF centres.

However, when he spent some time at Sydney IVF with Professor Robert Jansen, he knew he had found the institution that had the best combination of science and patient care, for couples that needed IVF and other assisted conception treatments.

Mark quickly established himself and was made Clinical Director within a few years of joining. He later became Medical Director with the retirement of Professor Jansen.

The mid to late 1990s was a time of tremendous advance in IVF results and many of these changes were led by Sydney IVF. The company developed the benchtop incubators that embryos develop in, that are now used by the majority of IVF units across Australia. At the same time, the culture media that embryos are grown in, was also undergoing significant development and improvement. The culture media that Sydney IVF developed was ultimately distributed under license to over 600 IVF units worldwide. Mark was closely involved with these developments and also ran the pilot trial that led to the development of the Sydney IVF (Cook) embryo transfer catheter, which quickly led to higher rates of embryo implantation and today enjoys worldwide usage.

The collected result was that by the early 2000s, IVF success rates had almost doubled, despite a reduction in the number of embryos being transferred at any one time from 2-3 down to 1.

These developments were aligned with an ongoing dedication to providing the best personal care that Sydney IVF could. To this day, at Genea, IVF procedures are not limited to only a few days a week (a process that tends to suit the IVF unit more than the couple) and that the primary aim is for the treating IVF specialist to attend to his or her patients’ procedures, not to assign these to a rostered doctor of the day.

When Mark is away on leave or at a conference, these times are known well in advance and you will almost always be cared for in those instances by Dr Anthony Marren.

Genea maintains a strong culture and belief in the ongoing development of care and scientific enhancements. The unit now has its own arm of research and development, Genea Biomedx that supplies new versions of embryo culture media and is developing new incubators and other IVF innovations. Mark believes strongly that a couple cannot receive a better chance of pregnancy anywhere else and is proud to have a longstanding and ongoing association with Genea.